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Sending bags, parcels or packages from Portugal to Spain has never been easier!

Our platform is aimed at all those who like to make transportation as simple as possible. Whether it is to send an order, a simple package or the bags to be waiting for you at the hotel, it has never been easier! Consult our instructions and reserve the shipping.

In transit: 3 working days

The price of our shipments depends on the weight. However, the maximum weight of the suitcase or package is 31.5 kg and the total of the 3 dimensions must not exceed 3.00 m and the maximum length cannot exceed 1.75 m. For the calculation of the total dimension, the following formula is applied:

Length cm + 2 x (width cm + height cm)

Each additional kg over 3 kg will cost 3 €.

The prices shown on this page are for shipments made by customers without a contract. If you choose to be a contracted customer, you will have access to exclusive prices and other benefits. Know the advantages of being a contracted customer. Request more information today (request information).

Pickup shipping up to 2 kg from Portugal to Spain