The easiest way to travel with the perfect suitcase

Renting a suitcase is as easy as shopping online. You choose, we deliver. You smile, we smile. Follow these steps for a hassle-free experience.

1. Rent

the perfect suitcase for your trip.

2. Pick

it up at a pickup point near you.

3. Enjoy

the suitcase that perfectly meets your needs.

4. Drop

the suitcase off at the most convenient pickup point.

Rent the perfect suitcase for your next trip

Illustration of a family renting a suitcase

Have you ever realized, just days before taking off, that you don’t have the right suitcase for your trip? Maybe your suitcase is old or damaged. Maybe you don’t have enough suitcases to bring along everything you need. Maybe you need to transport specific equipment but don’t have the right bag for the job. There are so many reasons you may be thinking about buying a new suitcase. But does purchasing a suitcase really make sense?

Save money

Spend your money on your trip, not on new suitcases.

Free up space

No unused suitcases occupying space at home.

Any size you need

Not all trips are the same, and you may require different sized bags.

Get your luggage in time

Rent all the suitcases you’ll need and receive them in time to prepare for your trip.

Any luggage type for your unique needs

Depending on what you plan to transport, you may need a specific suitcase.

High-quality suitcases from the best brands

Travel in style with lightweight, secure and sophisticated suitcases.

Receive and deliver suitcases anywhere in Europe

Receive and deliver any suitcase you need at the most convenient pickup for you.

Your suitcase is always cleaned, sanitized and disinfected before it arrives

All suitcases are cleaned disinfected according to OMS COVID-19 guidelines.