Suitcases storage service

Illustration of a truck leaving the pickup

How is it stored?

After ordering the service, you will receive a delivery note via email so that you can print it. Properly pack the suitcase, inside a box or wrapped in plastic and glue the printed guide on the outside.
Delivery in one of the several pickups available and the suitcase will reach us.
With us, the suitcase will be cleaned, sanitized and photographed and we will send a report on the condition of the suitcase. We offer 10% discount for more than one stored bag.

You can request the removal of your bag from our storage when you need it. We will send the suitcase to the pickup you choose, so that you can collect it.


Illustration of several types of luggage to store

What can I store?

You can store everything you want, as long as the packages are properly packed to be sent to us. When we receive the packages (suitcases, boxes, backpacks, etc.) we seal with tamper-evident seal and take a picture of your serial number which will accompany the report we sent you, so that you can be sure that the interior remains tamper-proof until it arrives again into your hands.