Suitcases and volumes shipping service

UPS and DPD vans illustration

Who will ship?

Backed by the reliability of DPD® and UPS®

We use technology that allows us to leverage existing logistics networks, we build a platform for sending bags or packages that is easy and accessible for everyone. Bag4days finds the best shipping rates from the partners with which it operates, allowing you to pay a lower price than the list price of operators in general. If you intend to make punctual shipments or if you make few monthly shipments, this is undoubtedly the best option on the market!

Illustration of several types of luggage to ship

What can I ship?

Ship luggage, backpacks, golf clubs, skis, boxes, etc.

If you don’t haul your bags to the airport, you never worry about packing too much again. If you would otherwise check it, we can help you send it. Ship golf clubs to the course, ship skis and snowboards to the mountain. We can even make it easier and cheaper to ship boxes, which is popular for shipping things to school or for someone that going to work cross border.