Ours suitcases are safe

Hygiene is a fundamental point in the whole process of preparing our suitcases. Due to the pioneering nature of our business, we are not eligible for the Clean & Safe seal promoted by Turismo de Portugal. However, because of the pandemic situation, we have increased the level of hygiene of the suitcases through the use of approved detergents and at the end we guarantee the application of a proven virucidal, fungicide and bactericidal disinfectant, by nebulization inside and outside the suitcase.

The application by nebulization through an electric vaporizer, ensures that the disinfectant is nebulized in the form of vapor, releasing very fine particles in suspension leaving the whole case clean, disinfected and with a pleasant smell, preventing the risk of transmission of the new Covid-19 so that our customers feel safe when renting our suitcases.

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