7 tips to get the best price on your next flight

22 March 2021 - 3 min read
Pesquisar 7 dicas para poupar no voo

If you are planning to book a flight, here are some simple steps that can help you save money. Although this savings generally does not go beyond the value of a meal, perhaps you are unlucky and can save a lot of money. Of course, the more you save, the sooner you can travel again.

Anonymous search
Searches anonymously, more specifically when searching for prices on search engines. Airlines place cookies on your computer whenever you search for flights, slightly increasing prices and placing incentives, such as "4 seats left", to encourage you to purchase your airline ticket immediately.

Uses flight search engines
If your travel days are very well defined, insert them into the flight search engines. The most popular choices include Skyscanner, CheapOair, Airfare, Kiwi and Google flights. Comparing different flights helps you find a cheap flight. If you have the flexibility to travel, go to Skyscanner and search for an entire month. The cheapest days to fly will be listed and you will be able to identify if the airlines have made a price mistake… sometimes it happens and you can take advantage of it.

Consider traveling with low cost airlines
Low cost airlines generally keep prices lower than major "flag" airlines. While some may appear on flight search engines, others may not. Find out which airlines operate at the airport you intend to embark and disembark at and do your research.

Think of alternative destinations
If there are two or more airports located close to each other, you may be able to find better deals at one of them. For example, you can find better deals at Gatwick Airport than at Heathrow Airport or vice versa.

Reservation on time
Usually, we usually book a domestic trip 14 to 21 days in advance, while the best time to book international flights is five to six months in advance. The best day to book your flight is on Sundays, followed closely by Tuesdays. Perhaps more important than the day you book your flight is the time of day. The time that usually has cheaper flights is at 3 am, so being awake at that time can mean saving some money on the next flight.

Choose the right time of day
Booking a flight early in the morning means having to get out of bed so nice and warm early, but by doing so, you can save a lot of money by making early night flights.

Consider the season
If you have a lot of flexibility, try to book during the off-season periods for your destination, as airlines are more “anxious” to take their seats on the flight. Generally, if you are going to fly to an area with rainy and dry seasons, then making a reservation in the rainy season can result in great savings. In addition, it avoids traveling during typical vacation weeks.

There are many ways to save money on your flight and therefore on your vacation. But of course, if you rent the suitcase for the trip instead of buying one, you will soon be saving a lot of money. Try these ideas and have fun on your vacation.