Does "FRAGILE" luggage sticker works?

Picture of baggage handlers

Put stickers with the indication of fragile luggage in the bagsunfortunately does not make much difference when moving. This is because "handlers" have a short time to load and unload luggage from aircraft.

In order to be able to comply with punctuality, the best is often set aside and the suitcases are all treated in the same way, without paying attention to the instructions on the stickers attached to them. The suitcases are stacked on top of each other and most of the time it is difficult (not to say impossible) to see the attention of these stickers.

In addition, there are several suitcases that have stickers from previous trips, which makes your suitcase go unnoticed among many others. Specific luggage such as televisions, musical instruments, strollers or wheelchairs are treated with more care. Most of the employees who handle luggage have respect for other people's goods, but with the pressure of the task's execution time as well as the weight of the suitcase or other factors, they tend to handle the bags in a less careful way.

Whenever you travel and know that you are going to dispatch the suitcase, it is important that you accompany it with light and resistant suitcases, preferably rigid ones. Avoid placing valuable or fragile objects inside. If you do, make sure it is well packed and if possible use bubble wrap for added protection. If you are going to travel with backpacks, care must be taken as the backpacks are thrown, they get stuck, they fall to the ground....If you are going to travel with a backpack it is best to take it with you to the cabin of the plane. And have a nice trip!