Gift tips for those who like to travel

07 DECEMBER 2020 - 3 min reading
Man with translator tshirt

And behold, Christmas is really coming. But the truth is that for those who like to travel, any special date is the ideal date to receive that gift dedicated to their true passion ... travel. There are several options for gifts for those who like to travel, whether decorative, fashion or utility gifts. Forget Christmas socks or sweaters. The tips you will find here will help you in choosing the ideal gift.

1. World map to scratch
In addition to being very beautiful, it is a great way to remember the countries you have traveled to. Just scratch the country to see a vibrant color emerge and thus highlight the place already visited. There are many models available on the market, from typical paper maps to wall sticker panels.
2. Portable scale
A cautious person is worth two, according to the saying. Nobody likes to pay excess weight in their luggage so we are sure that this will be a very appreciated gift for the traveler who receives it.
3. Powerbank
Mobile phone batteries do not usually last long, especially when traveling as it also becomes the service camera. In order not to miss any click or be unreachable, a charger always available is a gift that will never be forgotten.
4. Neck pillow
Although it is a piece of travel that doesn’t give you much to carry, the truth is that this type of neck pillows make all the difference for a comfortable trip inside the plane, especially on those trips that last for an eternity. Now just choose the perfect print in the style of the traveler who will receive it.
5. Luggage tag
There are many options to identify the suitcase and you will easily find very original luggage tags (or tags, if you prefer) on the internet.
6. Necessaire
Of course, on a trip, the necessaire cannot be missing from the suitcase, especially those models that can be hung. Offer this gift and it will no longer be necessary to dump everything inside the sink in search of toothpaste.
7. Universal adapter
More useful gift than this is impossible. Those who like to travel, have certainly come across different wall sockets than the ones we are used to seeing in our home. So, a universal adapter will greatly facilitate the life of the lucky one who receives it.
8. Microfiber towel
As we said in our travel tips, always take a towel because you never know when you will need an extra towel. Microfiber towels, in addition to being light, dry easily, making them ideal for travelers who don't spend a lot of time in the same place.
9. Mini clothes iron
Especially if the person to present is a woman, this gift will be perfect! They are super compact and great to store in your suitcase or backpack with the certainty that you will always have the starched clothes for a walk by the sea or for that special dinner.
10. Tshirt translator
If none of the previous proposals meets the originality you are longing for, then this one is perfect! Offers a tshirt or sweatshirt with prints of the main needs that any traveler has during their trip. You will thus be able to travel without the worry of memorizing the most important words to the needs that you will have in the day to day trip. “Where is the toilet?"