Vitamin D and the relationship with COVID-19

02 NOVEMBRO 2020 - 4 min reading

Did you know that vitamin D is related to immunity, making it even more important in COVID-19 times?

Take advantage of the many sunny days that we have available throughout the year and strengthen your immune system. Of the various functions and forms of protection that vitamin D can help you, we refer as main:

• Helps in increasing the production of the CD31 molecule, reducing the risk of autoimmune diseases;
• Helps to reduce the risk of various types of cancers by up to 60%;
• Helps to reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease;
• Helps in improving bone and muscle health;
• Helps maintain good testosterone levels in men.

With so many benefits, it is no wonder that vitamin D is seen as a good ally in the fight against the new coronavirus and recent research says so.

Vitamin D and the relationship with COVID-19
At Anglia Ruskin University in the UK, based on patients infected with the new coronavirus, scientists and scientists studied the relationship of the disease to their vitamin D levels. They concluded that in people with low levels of this vitamin, either COVID -19 or other acute respiratory illnesses can be more dangerous.

Scientists recall a very relevant fact: two of the countries with the highest rates of deaths from COVID-19 were Italy and Spain and are also the countries where the population has lower levels of vitamin D compared to other European countries. As they are more southern European countries, the Sun is stronger and the elderly, in the age group most vulnerable to the new coronavirus, tend to avoid it. On the other hand, in northern Europe, where the sun is weaker, people tend to be more exposed to it. In addition, the population consumes more cod liver oil than we all know, it is very rich in vitamin D. It is no coincidence that it is the region where the mortality from the disease has been lower.

How does vitamin D work in preventing coronavirus?
A known effect of vitamin D is its influence on white blood cells, the active agents of our immunity. High levels of this vitamin prevent blood cells from releasing inflammatory cytokines in large quantities. Recent research shows that COVID-19 causes exactly the same thing: over-release of these cytokines. If the body has a good amount of vitamin D, it will know how to deal with the situation better in case of becoming infected by the virus.

For these reasons, use the sun consciously and your body will produce this important vitamin. It is essential to obtain good levels of vitamin D to have another level of protection against COVID-19.

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