Circular economy and the sustainability of the planet

20 November 2020 - 3 min read

Environmental protection

To heal the world, we can start ... or better, we can start practicing the sharing economy again!

Yes, you and I can question giving up ownership over many things, you and I can start now and influence the mindset of those around us to change behaviors!

Have you ever thought that everything that comes from Earth has to go back to Earth? Resources are depleted and our planet is no longer sustainable.

Today, we are faced with the need to optimize resources where, once in abundance, are now becoming scarce. We need to purchase goods with a longevity in mind, that have durability, that are easy to repair and that have materials that facilitate recycling.

When buying, we must think about sustainability and saving resources. Privileging the purchase of a product based, if the materials are reusable, if clean and renewable energies were used for the manufacturing process, if there was an efficient use of water, if there was social equity with the workers ... all of these are relevant factors to take into account when buying a product.

Yours and my decision have a very important impact! When you put a product in the trash, have you thought about what will happen to it?

At the beginning of the first trade, civilizations made use of product exchanges, reused various materials, parts, everything was useful, nothing was wasted due to the scarcity of supply.

Nowadays we find an excess of supply, which drives purchase and consumerism and, as a consequence, the saturation of resources that planet Earth offers us. We need to move from a linear economy to a circular economy.

This change can be made gradually, adopting the principle of reuse to avoid depleting the resources of this beautiful and wonderful planet that welcomes us, and safeguarding that the following generations can also enjoy it.

Reuse for a healthy planet!