Travel alone

Mulher a viajar sozinha

A feeling of freedom! Follow your own route, without having to condition yourself to anyone's opinions, only your will counts!

Plot your destination, or else do not plot any destination and just continue your journey! On foot, by bike, by motorcycle, by car, train, bus, plane, or a little bit of everything! Eh! Eh! ... :) the important thing is your trip! You decide!

It's a beautiful sunny day and there you go, or there may be a heavy sky and a thunderstorm (it's already happened to me!) You're still going! The feeling is the same! Freedom! The world embraces you and passes that energy of going! Come on! And which storm which what ?! You get wings and you feel like an eagle flying overhead, and the storms no longer hit you.

Your trip has taken you to a higher level! Only the sun shines! Just me, myself and I :). Of course, common sense rules! Leave the contacts where you are going, make that call to inform them that everything is fine and go ahead! Get on the bike and cycle through unknown villages, go down the hill and feel that breeze, that breeze of freedom!

You arrive and do not worry about schedules, e-mail, social networks...don´t wooooooooorry! You walk to the cardinal point you want without hurrying to get anywhere! The only meeting you have set up is just with you! Just an appointment, take care of you!

Sometimes we carry a lot of luggage, we carry the work home, family concerns, the problems of friends, the pillow that complains about the hours of sleep we owe you! True even the pillow complains !! The back starts to weigh because the suitcase is heavy!

We need to release volume, and carry what is essential in our luggage! Because our essence is light, and to feel free we need lightness, and that leads us to freedom. Transport only the luggage that belongs to us and this is how we start our journey.